The History of Poker- a Bit of Gambling Trivia

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In the 14th century, different types of card games originated in Egypt. This was far before the invention of slots (and moreover online slots). Now, we have card decks of 52 cards, but at that time it was just 20 cards. Because of some trade related purposes, these games were introduced in Italy and Spain with Latin car suits such as Clubs, Coins, Cups and Swords. Initially, English cards also used Latin suits, but with time it got changed and adopted the popular French card suits – Spades, Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds. These are standard suits, used in the present time.

International game

The popularity of the poker games had spread world wide and it is hard to track where this variety of games originated. There are various speculations about the naming of the poker. According to some sources, poker is derived from “poque”, which is a popular card game in France. Another group of researchers are very much confidant that the poker games initiated from the “pochspiel”, which is the gambling game in Germany. This game has several striking resemblance with poker games also.

USA and Poker

In the United States, the gambling games were introduced by the French settlers. Back then, the gambling games were played with the deck containing twenty cards. On top of that, the winner of those games used to be the player who had the best combination of cards but small quantity of hands such as 1 pair, 2 pairs, triplets, 4 of a kind and “full”. This game went on to become the most popular game in the US. The symbol of Wild West belongs to the poker game.

In the 20th century, the game of poker was the most played and popular over any other types of games. Gradually, the poker game was started being treated as a card game that requires a lot of skills than just the game of the frauds and cheats. This was the period when poker game started turning into the professional game. Information about gambling in the USA read here


The professional stature of the poker game took massive shape when different poker tournaments started taking place. The popular tournaments of poker are the European Poker Tour, the World Series of Poker, the World Poker Tour, etc. Poker tournaments were broadcast in television, and it generated huge interest. There was a limitation of television broadcast of poker games as the hole cards of the players were not visible by the viewers, its popularity deemed out. Then, pocket-cards camera poker broadcasting was introduced and it became a rage among the viewers.

Learning To Play Poker Games

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