One of the Best World Series of Poker Longtime Tournament Directors Jim Albrecht

A person, who made his career not as professional poker player, but as the one, who can manage it all well. Meet Jim Albrecht.

Jim Albrecht is known as a long-term tournament director of the World Series of Poker. He started his poker related career as a blackjack dealer at the Jackpot Casino back in the mid 70's.

He was born in St. Augustine, Florida, which is also the oldest city in the USA. Then he went to Florida State University. His major was math and engineering. Later he got married to Susan and they had two kids. His hobbies were boating and fishing. Also he was highly interested in the computers.

In 1977 he started working as a poker dealer for the Golden Nugget in Vegas. In about 5 years he got promotion and became a shift manager. Jim was really interested in the poker development in the area and he was one of the promoters of the first legal stud and hold'em games in California. But then he moved back to Vegas and started managing five-table cardroom in the Mint Hotel and Casino. A bit later Jack Binion bought the Mint and Jim was kept there.

It appeared that luck was on his side, as he became the director of the WSOP and the Hall of Fame Poker Classic. And in 1996 and 1998 he directed United States Poker Championship at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Also he was a technical consultant for the movies, where poker was involved. Those are Maverick and Rounders. He had a wonderful and successful life. He passed away in 2003.

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